All products which are ordered directly through the Livv Mobile Health website, include a minimum warranty of two years. The legal warranty is applicable to our services

Legal warranty means that a product or service should be what the consumer expected it to be in all reasonable terms. The legal warranty is never linked to a specific term. One product lasts longer than the other.

Repair within the warranty

Does your product have a defect within the warranty, by normal use, then you can return the product free of charge to Livv Mobile Health. You need to fill out the return form on this website after contacting our customer service.

We will take care of a swiftly handling and replacement of your defect product.

Repair beyond warranty

If your product is defect after warranty, you can, after contacting our customer service, return the product free of charge to Livv Mobile Health.

If you ship the product, an investigation will be done of the damage and the associated costs of repair. Based on this research, a price list will be send to you of the repair costs. If you do not accept this price, then initial research costs will be charged. If you accept the price, these research costs will expire.