Expert advice based on your measurements

Users and health care professionals can always using the service of Livv Mobile Health, at home or abroad, send or save important measurements with smart measuring equipment and a smartphone.

After making a measurement, they can on request have the data assessed by the Livv medical team.

Our medical services consist of knowledgeable and professional staff, supported by medical specialists.

Livv Mobile Health focuses initially on arrhythmias and will later add other measuring tools that are needed for other health conditions for example weight, blood saturation and blood pressure.

Mobile ECG Consumer

With Mobile ECG you can record an ECG on your smartphone. This ECG will automatically be saved on the secure platform of Livv.

The Mobile ECG device is not larger than a credit card and can used separately or be connected to the back of the phone. Put your fingers on the metal plates for at least 30 seconds.

After making an ECG this can be assessed by the Livv medical call center on your request.

The ECG can also be saved to the My Livv only, for example if you want to discuss the outcome with your cardiologist.

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Mobile ECG Professional for general practitioners

With Livv Mobile ECG Professional you can make an ECG in your practice or during a home visit and you can have instantly analyzed by our medical specialists (if needed).

The Mobile ECG device is FDA and CE certificated, it is compact and user friendly and because of this a worldwide popular under general practitioners and medics.

Your own smartphone or tablet provides for the interaction with the device and the processing of the data, the costs for the mobile ECG device itself, are due to this very low.

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Mobile ECG Professional in the hospital

Mobile ECG Professional of Livv Mobile Health is a compact, one-channel ECG for the detection of cardiac rhythm disorders.

This product is also used as a separate event recorder, without ratings by the Livv medical team. In this case, a complete package will be deliverd, including a smartphone which can be given out to the patient.

All recorded ECGs will immediately be put through your own ECG evaluation department.

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