What we do

Livv Mobile Health delivers care within reach, by supplying mobile measuring and alarm devices.

A user of the Livv service can always, at home or on the road, forward important measuring data to the medical call service and do not need to go to their GP or hospital. All measurements, for example blood pressure or an ECG, are stored in the Netherlands in a personal and secure profile and will be analyzed on request by the Livv medical service.

In case of emergency you can always push the alarm button, so the Livv alarmdesk can turn targeted help directly.

By adding the human factor to the generated amount of raw data from the various health devices converted into useful information and advice for the user.

Livv Mobile Health does this by:

  • Delivering innovative and mobile measuring equipment to its consumers (ECG meters, blood pressure and saturation meters, scales, etc).
  • Reading the output of the equipment trough the smartphone from the consumer.
  • Analyzing the raw data through smart algorithms and medical experts and give with this provide targeted information to its customers.

The user of Livv Mobile can decide to do the following 24/7, 365 days a year:

  • Direct trigger an alarm, and the Livv alarmdesk can turn targeted help directly based on their personal and medical profile. 
  • Make directly an analysis of its measurement data by a medical expert.
  • to analyze the stored data at a later time by Livv or their own physician or doctor.