Explanation and costs

Make your own ECG on your smartphone

With Livv Mobile you yourself can make, at home or on the road, an ECG and have it analyzed  immediately by our medical team. At your request, you will be called immediately by our medical service. They will give you information and advice, based on the ECG that you have made with Livv Mobile ECG.

Is the evaluation of the ECG less urgent? Then you can choose to receive a report within 24 hours. Our medical service consists of experienced and certified Dutch Staff, supported by cardiologists with extensive experience in heart and vascular diseases.

Advantages of Mobile ECG

Why would you want to make your own ECG?

  • The same day information and advice by our cardiologists based on your ECG.
  • Precisely at those moments when you feel something, you can make an ECG. Not just at your next physician visit.
  • By making an mobile ECG regularly, you will build a detailed medical profile, that you can share with your own physician doctor or cardiologist.



  • The Mobile ECG device is easy to use, without no wires or patches on your body.
  • A reference from your physician doctor is not necessary, You can request when needed an ECG analysis.

Use of Mobile ECG

How does it work exactly?

Livv Mobile ECG works with a ECG recorder, which is not much larger than a bank card. This is connected to your smartphone through ultrasound. The app works with iOS (from iPhone 4S) and Android phones, but also various tablets. Hold two fingers of both hands on the metal plates of the mobile ECG device for at least 30 seconds, your ECG will be automatically sent to your ‘My Livv’ file. There you can select one of the ECG's to be analyzed by the medical team.

Connect to your medical profile

The medical team can give you a accurate advice of your ECG by taking into account a number of characteristics from your medical profile. For example: Did you have a heart infarct previously or do you use certain medications?

But also, the typical symptoms you felt while making an ECG are of importance. Think about palpitations or dizziness, that you might feel at that moment.

View demo of My Livv

Please submit your medical profile at your own convenience, the more information the medical team have available, the more accurate we can evaluate your ECG is.

All your information is stored in a secure environment and is only shared with the Livv medical team.


Wat does it cost to use Mobile ECG service ?

You have pay a monthly fee for the service and have a professional check your ECG.

With de app you can make unlimited recordings of your ECG, they are stored directly in your personal profile and can be viewed in your My Livv environment. The Medical desk does not have sufficient capacity to review all your recorded ECG's. Through the app, you yourself select a specific ECG that you want reviewed, and through the app send it to the medical call center.

Directly to the shop?

One-off cost                                                                           

You purchase at a one-off fee the Mobile ECG starterpack including the Kardia Mobile ECG recorder from Alivecor.


You pay a monthly fee for a fixed number of consults that you can request.

If you don’t request an ECG analysis within a month? Then you saveup your credits for a consult that you request at a later date.

Do you need more analyzes within a month? Then you can purchase additional credits to request consultation with the medical team.