The story of Carl

‘I felt a bit tired and had low energy for months.

I thought it had to do with the stress of my job. I had been so terribly busy. My wife Lisette was often worried. She wanted me to go to the physician, but I wanted to hear nothing about it.

When the busy period was over, I would go and have it checked.
Thte tiredness and lack of energy according to myself was due to being so busy. Now afterwards, I know that I should have listened to my wife better.’

He says it with a huge grin on his face, while he gives his wife Lisette a big wink. We are talking with Carl in a cozy house at the kitchen table in Laren. Carl got a life-threatening heart attack last year.

‘That night I did not sleep very well, restless. A few times I woke up bathing in sweat, I had chest pains. the next day I would have a difficult meeting and I was nervous.

That morning it was difficult getting out of my bed. I was rickety, looked gray, but I had to work. When I wanted to step out of the car in fromt of the company, the oppressive pain on my chest, I experienced some times, were unimaginably intense. I had the feeling that someone had planted a building on my chest. I was so incredibly nauseous and I sweated like a maniac. What happened next I do not remember. I went on conscious.’

Carl owes his life to the appropriate actions that one of his colleagues took, the security guard.

He had seen me in my car at the gate, and see me get out of the car, but he did not see me come inside. He immediately called 112 and applied CPR until the ambulance came.

Carl needed months to recover from the heart attack, but especially the psychological impact was high.

‘Opeens weet je dat je niet onaantastbaar bent. Het is moeilijk weer op je lichaam te durven vertrouwen. Je maakt je opeens bij elk pijntje zorgen: het zou toch niet…

Dat heb ik overigens niet alleen, Lisette ervaart hetzelfde.
Het moment dat je voelt dat je sterfelijk bent, dat doet echt wat in je hoofd. Ik durfde niet meer te fietsen, te wandelen, zelfs een boodschapje doen gaf angst. Stel dat er weer wat gebeurt er is niemand in de buurt.

‘Suddenly you know that you are not impregnable.

It is difficult to trust your body again. Suddenly you worry about every little pain: What if?…

It is not only me worrying, Lisette experienced the same. The moment you feel that you are not immortal, it really does something with your head. I was afraid to cycle, to walk, even had fears going to the grocerystore. What is something happens again and no one is nearby.

Recently is it going better with Carl and Lisette dared to have a bit more confidence.

‘I still listen to Lisette.’

Again that huge grin.

‘Lisette heard from a friend about the Livv Mobile ECG service. With the help of a small device that you can stick on the back of your smartphone, you can make an ECG at any time. I turn the app on, put my thumbs on the metal plates and my ECG is ready within 30 seconds.

I can send the ECG through the mobile phone to the medical team that can check my ECG when I am worried and let me know what I can do eventual.

An enormous difference for me and Lisette.

We dare to go out more and we received a bit of freedom back.

Lisette glimps to Carl and says “I am always right” and pours their tea again.