Before you start

Mobile ECG of Livv Mobile Health is a form of preventive medical investigation. That is why it is important for you, before you want to use our services, to know the following:

1) What can the Mobile ECG service detect at an early stage?

Mobiel ECG is intended for detecting cardiac arrhythmias.

The evaluation of your ECG, made with the Kardia Mobile 1-lead ECG recorder can be the following:

  1. normal;
  2. overtricks from the ventricle;
  3. overtricks from the atrium;
  4. atrial fibrillation;
  5. atrial flutter;
  6. atrial tachycardia;
  7. narrow complex tachycardia;
  8. wide complex tachycardia;
  9. sinus bradycardia;
  10. 1st degree AV block;
  11. 2nd degree AV block;
  12. 3rd degree AV block;
  13. unclassifiable.

2) Which risk factors and/or disease maker(s) is Mobile ECG based?

Mobile ECG is based on making an ECG.

3) Who are the customers that Mobile ECG is targeting?

People with complaints of palpitations, rapid heartbeat or dizziness.

(4) What criteria applies to determine whether a person belongs to the target group?

Complaints being related to palpitations, rapid heartbeat or dizziness.

(5) What are the steps to take with an unfavorable outcome of Mobile ECG?

The advices given with regard to the detected arrhythmias are different depending on the arrhytmia:

  • Please report to your Physician doctor or cardiologist.
  • Please report within 24 hours to your Physician doctor of cardiologist.
  • When having signs of arrhytmia contact with a General practice center right away.
  • When having signs of arrhytmia with a General practice center right away or turn to the emergency services directly.
  • Go directly to the emergency services (by yourself or by Livv).