Livv Mobile ECG

Record an ECG within 30 seconds

And have it analyzed by the Livv medical team

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Mobile ECG – reassurance within reach

Chestpain? Out of breath?

Without a referral from a General Practicioner (GP) you will receive information and an advice based on your ECG that you make on your own smartphone, where- and whenever.



Record an ECG within 30 seconds

  • Within 24 hours an advice by our medical team based on your ECG.
  • precisely at those moments when you feel something, you can make an ECG.
  • By making a mobile ECG regularly, you will build your own detailed medical profile, that you can share with your own physician, doctor or cardiologist.
  • Our medical team knows you and your medical file.
  • 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year we are there for you.

Symptoms of arrhythmias

Livv Mobile ECG can be used by consumers to detect arrhythmias. This is done with the aid of extensively tested and high-quality equipment of Kardia Mobile.

The reviews take place in The Netherlands, in Zwolle, by specially trained and certified staff, supervised by a team of cardiologists.

Many symptoms of arrhythmia are often not recognized as such. One can therefore have many years of complaints that are similar to, for example, hyperventilation or stomach problems.

In the overview alongside are lots of comment complaints.


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  • palpitations;
  • heart overtricks;
  • painful or tightness feeling in the chest;
  • sweat;
  • nausea;
  • light headedness;
  • an uncomfortable, anxious or claustrophobic feeling.

(Source: Hartstichting)

Livv is there for you, always and everywhere the necessary aid needed

We know you and your medical profile

If you are willing, we will help you fill out your personal and medical data with you or your caregiver. We like to know how we can give you the best help. This data will be stored in a secure environment, only visible to you and the medical desk.

With one press on the button you will get connected to us, incase we cannot get in contact with you, because you are not capable, then we take immediate action and send the neccessary support. You are always assured of our help.

More about your medical file

Assurance of good life

Carl is heart patient

"After my heart attack, my life literally came to a stop for a while, but with the use of Mobile ECG I dare to enjoy again.”

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