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Livv mobile alarm is a personal alarmservice, which makes use of your mobile telephone connection to our emergency center.

Everywhere wherever you are in reach of the mobile network (national and international), you can call the alarmdesk. This alarmcentral is available day and night, you will always get a person to talk on the phone.

Through caller ID of your mobile number the alarmdesk knows immediately who is calling, due to the fact that your mobile number is connected to the “My Livv” profile.

You have to fill out the My Livv profile on the website and you choose yourself whicj information you are willing to share with us. This can be your caregivers, which can be called in an emergency. Or specific medical conditions, where the emergency services must be informed.



In this video you can see how to connect your alarmphone to Mobile Alarm of Livv in a few minutes.

The setting methods varies per device, here you can see how an Doro alarmphone (a smartphone with Android) Needs to be programmed with 2 numbers of the alarmcentral and of the SMS location.

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Does the service work with every mobile phone?

Livv Mobile Alarm works only on mobile phones with location determination (GPS): Because of GPS location the alarmdesk can see which location you are at the moment of the emergency call.

You also need an alarm button to activate the alarm: This can be a built-in button on your device, a separate (Bluetooth) alarm button or a wristband with a SOS button.

Livv Mobile Alarmservice can be used with the following options:

  • With your own mobile alarmphone (seniors phone) that has a built-in SOS button. Check here for the list with supported devices.                                                                                     
  • With your own smartphone and separate alarm button (available soon).                                                                                               
  • With a built-in Mobile Connection wristband (available soon).


Do you know that you can qualify for a reimbursement?

To receive compensation for personal alarm, depends on your situation. Personal alarm is added in the basic insurance and you may qualify if there are medical reasons. The health insurance may reimburse certain costs. If there are social reasons (for example, if you do not feel safe at home and don’t have caretakers that you can alert in case of emergency), you can consult your municipality about the possibilities.

To receive the reimbursement based on medical reasons, you need a referral from your doctor. The referral needs to describe: your disease, living situation, medication, whether you fall sometimes and are in need of a personal alarm. Usually the health insurance regulates compensation for medical reasons and the municipality for social reasons. Each health insurer will assess it in a different way.

Not all municipalities reimburse personal alarm service.

You can apply for the personal alarm service through a registration form at your health insurance. If you click on the logo of your health insurer you will receive the correct application form. Go to the application forms available.

For more information, please click here.


What happens after I press the alarm button?

  • When you press the alarm button on your mobile phone the phone will set up a call to the alarmdesk and will send your location.                                                                                              
  • The alarmdesk will take the call, what if they do not hear anything? They will send the emergency services to your location.                                                                                                                                        
  • What if you are you still able to communicate? Then will they decide together with you what to do, for example, send a caregiver or tell your doctor.                                                                                                    
  • Mobile Alarm is a telephone assistance service, at this time it is not possible to send an Livv employee to your location. The alarmdesk will send after consulting with you your caregiver or the emergency services.

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What do I need to purchase for this?

The mobile phone and the telephone subscription are purchased separately by you and is not included in the service. Livv can advice you about which phones are compatible with Mobile Alarm.

The connection to the Livv Alarmdesk can be ordered online or at a store in your area. You can find more information at the FAQ (frequently asked questions) about how the service works, or you can find the instruction manuals how to set up your device.

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