with your alarmphone

Implement a professional alarmdesk behind the SOS button on your mobile phone.

To use Mobile Alarm service with the alarmphone you need a mobile phone with a built-in alarm button. You can dedicate the emergency number of the Livv alarmdesk to the alarm button. This will be done for you in the store where you can buy the phone, or do it yourself if you already have a suitable mobilephone.

In case of an emergency press the alarm button: a connection is set up with one of our professionals. What if the alarmdesk does not hear anyhing and your location information is available? Then they will send the emergency services to this location.

important to know

Before you start using the Livv Mobile Alarm service:

  • You need a mobile phone with a built-in SOS button.                                                                       
  • Your mobile phone must have a mobile connection to make calls.                                                                                                    
  • Location determination works by means of a GPS (global positioning system) signal, indoor GPS location does not always work accurate.                                                                                      
  • Livv Mobile Alarm is a telephone assistance service: any costs that are made by professional help at home or abroad are the responsibility of the user and his / her travel or health insurance.

Check suitable devices


How to start

You order the Livv alarmservice to connect to the professional alarmdesk. You need to purchase the phone and the mobile subscription yourself, if you do not have an alarm telephone and mobile connection. We have a starterpackage with no contract attached for the price:

€ 30,- one-time off fee

You can purchase the package online or in the store. You will receive a three-month pass to connect to the alarmdesk. After this you can decide if you would like to continue the service or end the Mobile Alarmservice. There are no connection or administration costs for Mobile Alarm.


Do you find it a safe feeling to have linked your mobile phone with a professional alarmdesk? Then you can easily run through your subscription on Mobile Alarm for a fixed monthly fee of:                                                                                                                                                                        

€ 14.90 per month

This subscription can be terminated monthly. With this you can use for 24 hours a day our alarmdesk. There are no extra cost per alarm call, you only pay the call and SMS charges to your mobile provider.


You want to try Mobile Alarm?

With the Mobile Alarm starter you will receive a three-month pass, that gives you access to the alarmdesk for 24 hours a day. You can order the start package easily online, or look for a store in your area.

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