Add an SOS button to your smartphone with the Mobile Alarm App service

To use the Mobile Alarm app, you need a smartphone with a mobile Internet connection. The app can be installed on Android devices.

Press the alarm button in the app incase of an emergency: a voice-audio connection will be set up with one of our employees and your location will be sent to the alarmdesk.

If the alarmdesk does not hear anything and your location information available, then we will send the emergency services to this location.

If you can communicate with our employees, we will decide with you whether we sent a caretaker or the emergency services.


Before you start using the Livv Mobile Alarm App service:

  • At the moment only Android devices are supported, not iOS and Windows Mobile.
  • Your mobile phone must have mobile coverage to make calls and have a data connection.
  • Location determination works by means of a GPS (global positioning system) signal, indoor GPS location does not always work accurate.


One-off fees

You can easily and without further obligations start with Mobile Alarm App by purchasing the three months starterpackage. Included in this package you will receive:

  • three-month access to the alarmdesk;
  • the smart alarm button that can activate the alarm via Bluetooth;
  • access to My Livv to create your personal profile.

Monthly fees

If you like to use the Mobile Alarm App and it provides you a sense of security and make you feel at ease, you can decide to take a monthly subscription on Mobile Alarm App service for a fixed monthly fee of €14.90 a month.

If you choose for a 6 or 12 month pass, you will get one or two months discount on the monthly fee! 


The Mobile Alarm App will be available soon. You can sign up for the newsletter by leaving your email address via the button below.

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