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If you have questions about our services or you want assistance to activatie the Livv service? Please contact us in the following ways:

 085 - 0471 570 (local tariff).

Available by telephone on weekdays from 08:30 to 17:30 p.m. 


You can also fill the form in below with your question or comment:

Information on the website


All mentioned prices for the consumer product and services on this website (recognizable by the weblink: are including VAT.

Instruction Manuals

On this website you can find more explanation or instruction manuals about the operation of the different products.


In the Mobile Alarm starter package you can find an instruction manual. If you happen to lose it, you can view the instruction manual through this link (PDF).

If you are looking for help with setting up your alarm on the mobile phone? Look at the device manuals.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Mobile Alarm

Will I always speak to someone when I call the alarm number?

The alarmdesk of Livv is a professional organization and is continuously staffed with good trained people. So you will never get a computer or answering machine on the phone. The alarm center is 24 hours a day, 365 days a year available in the Netherlands and from abroad.

Does my alarm button even works when the phone is off?

No, an alarm button on mobile alarmphones works only when the device is turned on.

Does the Mobile Alarmservice work when I do not have network available with my mobile phone?

No, if your mobile phone can not call anymore, for whatever reason (you do not have (enough) call credit, you do not have mobile coverage, your subscription is blocked), then you can not call the Livv alarmdesk. All devices can call 112 but you do need mobile coverage.

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Mobile ECG

Are there costs involved with the use of the Kardia Mobile app on my own smartphone?

Using the Kardia app (it)self is free of charge. Sending your ECG to your physician or cardiologist goed through data traffic. If you are not using Wi-Fi, but your mobile data connection, it will be charged to your mobile data bundle usage. Sending an ECG of 30 seconds uses about 100 Kb of data.

I can make ECG’s on my smartphone, but they are not sent to the Livv medical desk

Make sure that you have a working internet connection on your smartphone. This can be via Wi-Fi or mobile internet. Without an internet connection ECG’s cannot be send. 

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Information about your order


“If you are not satisfied with your ordered product or service? You can after receiving your order notify us within 14 days that you wish to return the product and cancel the service. You will be informed as soon as possible but no later than 14 days after your notification, receive reimbursement of the purchase amount, including any shipping or administration fees.”

Please contact our customer service. You have 14 days to return the back to us, after you requested the return-form.

More information about returning.


Products and services that you purchase online can be paid by iDeal, through the payment page of your own bank.

The iDeal payments are carried out by Mollie. The payment on your bank statement can be recognized under "St Mollie Payments".

Cash on delivery 

You also have the option for cash on delivery. You will have to pay the amount directly by card or cash to the postal service. The additional costs we charge for this service amounts to € 15, - excluding VAT.


All products which are ordered directly by Livv Mobile Health on the website, include a minimum guarantee of two years. The legal warranty is applicable to our services.

Legal warranty means that a product or service should be what the consumer expected it to be in all reasonable terms. The legal warranty is never linked to a specific term. One product lasts longer than the other.

Delivery of your ordered product or service

You will receive confirmation email immediately after placing your order in the Livv webshop. Depending on the ordered product or service there are the following possibilities:

  • Just the service: you will receive more information and an instruction manual how you can activate the service, by post or e-mail.
  • A (physical) product: within 24 hours after placing your order you will receive an email from our courier with the scheduled time of delivery. You have the possibility to make another appointment for delivery via this e-mail.

Install service at home

If you selected the option to receive assistance at home with the installation and getting the Livv service ready for use? Then you will receive an invitation to make an appointment with one of our employees by email.

This employee will also take the ordered product with them.

Before the delivery you will receive the name of the employee that will install the service at home, this employee will always identify themselves on your request.


Before using the products and services of Livv Mobile Health, there are some important things to know:

1. General Terms

Before you place your order on this website, you must agree to our terms and conditions. These are compiled by Thuiswinkel Waarborg and determine your rights and obligations when making an online purchase.

2. User Terms

Before you decide to use our services, you must agree to the terms of use. This includes, among other things, what you should and cannot expect from our services.

3. Privacy Terms

To be able to help you in the best way possible, it is important to make a personal profile in My Livv. Within this profile you can, at your own choice, save relevant information that will help us in emergency situations or in assessing your measurement data.

Your information will therefore only be shared with our alarmdesk and our medical service, after you explicitly gave Livv approval.

Your personal information will never be shared with other parties than the alarmdesk and our medical service. 

Multidisciplinary Directive Preventive Medical Examination

The product Mobile ECG specific is covered by the Multidisciplinary Directive on Preventive Medical Research as compiled by the KNMG.

Herein there are recommendations concerning informing the user of a Preventive Medical Research (PMO) as well as possible.

Go to this page for more information about Mobile ECG:

a) what condition(s) or health problems the PMO wants to detect in an early stage;

b) on what risk factors and / or disease plasticizer(s) the PMO is based;

c) what target group(s) the PMO is targeting;

d) what criteria are used to determine whether someone is included to the target group;

e) What are the intended follow-up actions with an unfavorable outcome of the PMO.


If you are not satisfied with our products or services and you want to make a complaint? Please contact our customer service. Hopefully we can resolve quickly your complaint.

If you are not satisfied with how we resolved the issue? Then you are able to go to our complaint page with the button below.

You will receive a written response from us within 14 days of sending the complaint.

Is your complaint not resolved to your satisfaction? Please send a complaintform via the link of Thuiswinkel Waarborg. You can also use the European complaintform on the ODR platform.

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