Mobile ECG Professional in the hospital

Mobile ECG Professional of Livv Mobile Health is a compact, one-channel ECG for the detection of cardiac rhythm disorders.

This product is also used as a separate event recorder, without ratings by the Livv medical team. In this case, a complete package will be deliverd, including a smartphone which can be given out to the patient.

All recorded ECGs will immediately be put through your own ECG evaluation department.


Livv Mobile Health has several modules that can be used by the consumer or as patient / client.

To use Livv Mobile ECG professional as a (first-line) healthcare professional the healthcare professional makes an ECG of their patient / client and can assess it themselves or let the hospital or the Livv Medical Call Center do the assessment. The healthcare professional has the Livv Professional app to their disposal to forward the ECG’s for a assessment to the hospital. This is indicated in orange.

For use in the hospital as an event recorder it is assumed that the specialists of the hospital, do the assessment of ECGs made by Kardia Mobile from Alivecor by themselves. This is indicated in blue. One has the choice to implement the ECG data management fully into the ICT environment of the hospital or all ECGs made anonymous to be received on an predefined eMail box.

Click here for an overview of the various modules, shown in a table, which are applicable (per user).


How does it work?

With Livv Mobile ECG Professional is it possible to provide patients an online solution like the existing event recorder in the hospital to have patients record ECG’s consequently for a short period whereby the practice does the analysis of the received ECG itself.

The mobile ECG-device is FDA and CE certified, is particularly compact and easy to use.

A delivered and secure smartphone by Livv ensures interaction with the device and the processing of the data.


  • An anonymous user ID is used in the entire chain. Patient information stays in that way within the practice (or hospital).
  • All recorded ECG’s are synchronized to a Dutch server directly, which is NEN7510 certified.
  • The removed ECG’s from the mobile phone stay on the Dutch server.
  • All recorded ECG’s will be supplied in PDF and with source data.