Mobile ECG Professional for CARE PROFESSIONALS

With Livv Mobile ECG Professional you can make an ECG in your practice or during a home visit and you can have instantly analyzed by our medical specialists (if needed).

The Mobile ECG device is FDA and CE certificated, it is compact and user friendly and because of this a worldwide popular under general practitioners and medics.

Your own smartphone or tablet provides for the interaction with the device and the processing of the data, the costs for the mobile ECG device itself, are due to this very low.

Our medical service consists of experienced and certified Dutch Staff, supported by cardiologists with extensive experience in heart and vascular diseases. Livv has set-up an intensive cooperation with the Isala Hospital in Zwolle.


The GP (more over the first line care professional) makes his own phone and the Kardia App an ECG (Electro Cardio Diagram) to his patient.

For taking an ECG, the health care professional will use the Livv Professional App and the Kardia App.

All ECG’s made will be saved in the Livv Professional App. The health care professional can choose to assess it themselves or request an assessment by the Livv Medical Callcenter.

The health care professional does this by selecting the ECG, that is made of his patient, in the Livv Professional App. By looking at the time of recording can the right ECG be found (in the Kardia App, no patient data are entered).

By adding the following data in the Livv Professional App, the ECG will become “personal”.

  • patient Name;
  • date of birth;
  • if necessary. Health complaints and notes.

Unique is, that the healthcare professionals can also easily add a voice memo for the Livv medical service, instead of entering detailed notes on his smartphone. The ECG and the patient data will be redirected to the medical callcenter of Livv and assessed by a medical specialist, supervised by the cardiologist.

Then, a full report will be sent back to the health care professional. The Livv report distinguishes between 13 different types of cardia arrhythmias.

See here the complete list of cardiac arrhythmias.

In addition, it is possible to save all ECGs (assessed by Livv and the ECGs you have assessed yourself) in an electronic patient file (a HIS or hospital EPD), including the associated ECG assessment reports from the Livv medical team.

For this we need a ICT connection to the Livv platform. For practitioners, we can do this through for example ZorgMail or for hospitals through a custom ICT connection. With the solution for a customization network connection, ECGs can also be supplied in binary format, in addition to the standard PDF.