Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you received the Mobile ECG package for making ECGs at home from your caregiver? Please look below for the answers on the frequently asked questions (FAQ), or contact your caregiver.

Are there costs involved with the use of the Kardia Mobile app on my own smartphone?

Using the Kardia app (it)self is free.  Sending your ECG to your physician or cardiologist goes via data traffic. If you are not using Wi-Fi, but your mobile data connection, it will be charged to your mobile data bundle usage.  Sending an ECG of 30 seconds is about 100 Kb of data usage.

The supplied smartphone does not turn on again?

Make sure that your smartphone is always sufficiently charged. We will advise you to connect the smartphone to the charger, every night.

I use my own smartphone, but I cannot download the app?

Do you have a working account on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store? Make sure that you are logged in with an Apple or Google ID and that you can download apps.

I can make ECG’s on my smartphone, but they are not sent to my physician or cardiologist?

Make sure that you have a working internet connection on your smartphone. This can be via Wi-Fi or mobile internet. Without an internet connection the ECG’s cannot be send. 

I cannot make ECG’s with the Kardia Mobile ECG device?

It can be, that the battery in the Kardia Mobile ECG device is empty. Please contact your physician or cardiologist for a replacement device.

I have found the Kardia Mobile app in the appstore of my own smartphone, but I cannot download it.

Probably the software version on your phone is out-of-date. Make sure that you have the most recent iOS of Android version on your smartphone. Also, check if your smartphone is on the list of compatible phones. 

If I open de appstore on my iPhone, it asks me to fill in my payment details?

Apple's app store requires you to link your payment details to your Apple ID. This is a control method of Apple. Downloading and using the Kardia app itself is free. 

Can I also record and send an ECG abroad with my own smartphone?

Are you abroad and you have Wi-Fi connection? Then you can make and send an ECG without extra costs. If you only have mobile data? Please check with your mobile provider for the possibilities and the costs. 

Can I also record and send an ECG abroad with the supplied smartphone?

No, this is not possible. The supplied phone is blocked for mobile internet usage abroad. Please ask your physician or cardiologist for alternative solutions.

Can I also call and use mobile internet with the supplied smartphone?

No, this is not allowed. The supplied phone is blocked for other purposes than the use of the Kardia Mobile app.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - Careprofessional

When the Livv medical desk reviews the ECG, which cardiac arrhythmias can be determined?

Mobile ECG is intended for determining of cardiac arrhythmias. The evaluation of your ECG, made with the Kardia Mobile 1-lead ECG recorder can be:

  1. normal;
  2. overtricks from the ventricle;
  3. overtricks from the atrium;
  4. atrial fibrillation;
  5. atrial flutter;
  6. atrial tachycardia;
  7. narrow complex tachycardia;
  8. wide complex tachycardia;
  9. sinus bradycardia;
  10. 1st degree AV block;
  11. 2nd degree AV block;
  12. 3rd degree AV block;
  13. unclassifiable.

Are there any contra-indications recognized when using the Mobile Kardia?

There are no known contra-indications that have been recognized.

What certifications does the ECG device have?

The device is FDA approved and has an CE Class II certification.