For Mobile ECG Professional service Livv Mobile Health uses the products of Kardia Mobile of AliveCor. All ECGs that you make with your Kardia Mobile app on your smartphone, will be automatically saved on the Livv Mobile Health platform.

At your request the data is reviewed by the Medical call center on cardiac arrhytmia.

It is also possible that all the ECGs will be redirected directly to your own analysis department.

Advantages of Mobile ECG Professional

  • Making an ECG mader simple for you or your patient easy with an one-lead ECG.
  • Compact-ECG sensor, which makes clinically validated ECGs.
  • Especially at the times when the patient feels something, you can make an ECG instantly.
  • No threads or holter cables on the body of the patient.
  • The ECG device is both FDA as CE class IIa approved, worldwide millions of ECGs are already recorded.


How does it work exactly?

Livv Mobile ECG works with a ECG recorder, which is not much larger than a bank card. This connects to your smartphone.

The Kardia app works on iOS (from iPhone 4S) and Android phones, but also various tablets. The user holds two fingers of both hands on the metal plates of the mobile ECG device for at least 30 seconds, the ECG will automatically be sent to the secure Livv platform.

There, or in the Livv app, you can select one of the ECG's to be analyzed by the Livv medical team, or save the ECG in your own HIS system for review.