About the hardware

Livv only makes use of clinically validated hardware. Therefore Livv selected the ECG recorder, Kardia Mobile ECG recorder, from the manufacturer AliveCor. This recorder is used by cardiologists and general practitioners worldwide to make a one-lead ECG quickly and easily.

The brand name for the hardware of AliveCor is Kardia Mobile, the app for iOS and Android is named in the app stores Kardia.

In November 2016 AliveCor introduced the Kardia Band, an Apple Watch wristband with a built-in 1-lead ECG sensor.

Medical studies

Meanwhile several studies have been done for the use of Kardia Mobile devices. On the AliveCor website you will find the complete list of all the studies that have been done with the hardware and the app of Kardia:


Technical specifications


8.2 cm x 3.2 cm x 0.35 cm 

3 cm x 3 cm stainless steel electrodes


18 grams


3V CR2016 button cell battery (included)

200-hour operational use

12 months’ normal use

ECG characteristics

1-lead ECG

10 mV peak to peak input dynamic reach

30 seconds to 5 minutes of recording time

300 samples per second sampling rate 

16 bit resolution