Sytse Boonstra (72), founder and self heart patient.

Sytse had only one wish: live active and with pleasure, even though he is a heart- and kidneyfailure patient. He developed Livv Mobile ECG together with the cardiologist of Isala and tried the service himself first. Every moment of the day he could make an ECG. This offered him and his family immediately reassurance and feeling of security.

To develop the Livv Mobile ECG services and a virtual hospital, he came in contact with the team cardiologists in Zwolle. Isala Hospital is known for its innovative character and its customer-targeted service provision. The enthusiasm of the team of cardiologists has ensured that the first services of Livv Mobile Health were introduced and are available now to everyone in the Netherlands.

Thees Brons (41), operational director, expert in mobile and online.

For Thees the current digital technology has little secrets. He understands better than anyone that mobile phones and apps are equivalent to 'abracadabra' for many people. It is his goal to make the technology as easy as possible for everyone. Further Thees makes sure that professionals from Livv Mobile Health are always ready to help you, even if it doesn’t work all at once.

‘The current digital technology can save lives, therefore is it my goal to make the technology accessible to everyone. Userfriendly for everyone, young or old.’

Hariette Bentert (51), office manager, prop and stay of the company.

Hariette has been involved with Livv from the start. As an office manager she takes care of all office activities. In addition, she has contact with all the suppliers of Livv as well as the users of the services.

Mirjam Boonstra (43), general director, daughter of Syste.

Mirjam has decide to continue the goals of her father.

She developed his ideas further with the team and makes sure that his ideas are turned into services which are available to everyone. Also, new ideas and applications are entrusted to her.

‘Our products give reassurance and feel of security in everyday life, for yourself, your partner, family and friends. At any time, we are ready to offer the assistance that our customers need. The next few years, we will expand our product line and services continuosly to achieve the goal of a "digital hospital" which fits in your purse or in your pocket.‘

Jaap Jan Smit (41), EF cardiologist and medical advisor by Livv.

Jaap Jan puts his knowledge and expertise in making the service fit to our customers as good and reliable as possible. As a cardiologist, he knows how important professional support is for patients, especially in everyday life.

‘If patients leave the clinic by me, they are mainly depending on their own. With Livv we want to give patients reassurance, even outside the hospital, we are always there for them, so they can enjoy good life again.’