For more than 50 years provides VHD contact center services and services for our customers. The solutions that we offer are very diverse, but always with one important principle: Where HELP is the center. The VHD alarmdesk provides after vehicle and persons assistance inter alia assistance by calamaties on travel, medical problems or incidents in or around the house and provide 24-hour contact center activities in different languages.

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Isala offers more than just basic care. In the course of the years we have got assigned more and more special, topclinical functions. Often, in recognition of the knowledge and skills that specialists had built on their own initiative. In topclinical functions, such as cardiovascular and neurosurgery and dialysis, we can measure ourselves with academic hospitals within the Netherlands.

The Ouderenfonds (elderly fund) dedicated, as the sole charity, exclusively for vulnerable elderly in The Netherlands. We involve the elderly back into society and make everyday tasks such as grocery shopping or go on an outing - for many of us for granted - also accessible for them again.

Our mission is: helping the elderly people in the Netherlands who have insufficient care and attention from society and thus improve the quality of life of this group.

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Established in 1993, LifeWatch offers a comprehensive range of innovative cardiac monitoring technologies and services that help physicians detect and analyze patient symptoms before they turn into serious health problems. Through access to real-time patient data and analytics, physicians and care teams can better collaborate, enabling detection and intervention at the earliest sign of a significant health event.

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Livv is partner of the HIP and is also located on the Health Innovation Park in Zwolle.

HIP is a cooperative association, of and for its members and partners and is the central player at the cutting edge of care, knowledge and entrepreneurship in the wide province of Overijssel.HIP is the platform for entrepreneurs who want to renew in the Health sector.

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