Livv Mobile Health provides confidence to clients and healthcare professionals

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Livv Mobile Health provides care within reach by way of mobile monitoring and alerting products and services that can applied preventive and supportive.

Livv Mobile Health provides confidence to clients and healthcare professionals, and explores with them new needs, opportunities, and support. ‘Care within reach’. With its product and service Livv offers peace of mind, assurance, and support in everyone's life.


Both the current and our future generations elderly have needs in the ever-changing care facilities and set high standards. They want to keep enjoying life and are more involved actively in their own health and welfare. Technologies such as the internet, social networks and mobile phones increase self-reliance and participation in society.

The always higher life expectancy make the annual healthcare costs rise. By the increasing average age in our society we are creating a possible shortage of health personnel. These developments require innovative solutions in healthcare. "E-health" technology to support health and welfare, will prevent more in our daily lives. Livv Mobile Health is ahead with its development of mobile products and professional services to monitor your own health and turn to right helpline. With Livv care is within reach, for you and for your healthcare professionals.


Are you curious who the people behind Livv are?

Livv Mobile Health was founded in 2011 under the name Thuisconnect. In this early stage extensive research was done for the possibilities in mobile health. Unfortunately, serious illness of the founder made the discontinu the company of Sytse Boonstra at that time.

After a successful revalidation, the ‘residence’ in the Isala hospital and treatment by dr. Jaap Jan Smit brought renewed inspiration for Livv Mobile Health. Partly because of the close cooperation with the Isala hospital the partnership with the cardiology department was originated.

The people behind Livv

Partners of Livv Mobile Health

Without the cooperation with various partners, Livv Mobile Health could not realize its services.

For that reason, Livv has a cooperation with a number of companies and organizations locally in Zwolle, but also outside the Netherlands.

Partners of Livv


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