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Care within reach

Live with the assurance that professional and medical help is always within reach. That is what Livv wants for everybody. The current digital technology allows us the opportunity to achieve this with each other. Livv wants to build a personal connection with you, let you know that we are always there for you.

This is possible with one push of the button, Livv can provide the help you need. Whether it be a doctor, family or your neighbors. Based on the personal details that you yourself fill out, or with the support from us, we can always provide you the care that you need at that moment. Assurance for yourself and your loved ones.

About us

Enjoy life with the support of Livv

Livv Medical Service

Livv is an initiative of doctors and patients themselves. We have developed our services based on our expertise and experience. This way we can offer our customers the best support with the right care always within reach.


Our medical callcenter is staffed by medical professionals With the supervision of the doctors themselves. We can offer you the necessary help at that particular moment.

What do we do?


Carl had a heart attack

"I was a bit tired and dit not have a lot of energy for months. I thought it had to do with the stress of my job. I had been so terribly busy. My wife Lisette was often worried”.

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